Does bluos support apple music

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does bluos support apple music

Effortlessly stream music, podcasts, movie and TV soundtracks, and every other sound you love from your Apple Devices, in high-fidelity on Bluesound Gen 2i with Apple AirPlay 2. With AirPlay 2 on Bluesound Gen 2i, you can connect multiple Players around the house and have them communicate with each other through AirPlay.

Listen to your music in perfect sync as you walk room-to-room, or play different songs in different rooms, and control everything on your Apple device. You can even say the song you want to listen to and where and let Siri take control of your music experience. Play a video on your Apple device and feel the sound that Bluesound adds to your viewing experience. Watch music video after music video on YouTube and let Bluesound fill the room with the sound of your favourite tracks.

Sit down for a night of Netflix and have the rich, detailed sound of Bluesound be there for every scene. Stream the sound of hundreds of apps on Bluesound Gen 2i with AirPlay 2. Movies, videos, news, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, sports and more, can be streamed to multiple Gen 2i Players around the home with ease.

You can also stream music and playlists stored directly on your device using AirPlay 2. Create the perfect scene featuring Bluesound with a single tap or voice command to lower the lights, lock the doors, and start your favorite playlist. Start streaming with Bluesound Gen 2i - Stream the audio from any Apple device directly to Bluesound Gen 2i wireless speakers, stereo components, and home theater systems. Play the movie, show, song or podcast you want and swipe up from the bottom or top right corner of your iPhone or iPad to launch the Control Center.

Touch and hold the audio card in the upper right-hand corner and select the Bluesound Gen 2i Player you want to listen on. Note: Service availability, features, and functionality are subject to limitations and vary by service and the enable device you are connected to.

For more information or help with Bluesound supported voice skills, please visit BluOS support or email support bluesound. Register for our mailing list to get the latest Bluesound news, exclusive online offers, and promotions, and stay up to date with the latest BluOS software and apps.

It's your backstage pass to Bluesound. Bluesound is available in thousands of carefully selected dealers around the world. Go to bluesound. Bluesound News Bluesound Product Updates. We use MailChimp as our email marketing platform.

By checking "I Agree", you acknowledge that the information you provided will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy as well as our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service.

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I understand. Skip Menu Good bye! We are not responsible for the content or availability of this site and urge you to read their security and privacy policies as they may be different than Bluesound policies. Stay Continue to Bluesound. Deep, cinematic sound for all your videos. Any audio you want, from any source. Tell Siri what you want to listen to and where.

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Bring everything together in the Home app. STEP 2 Play the movie, show, song or podcast you want and swipe up from the bottom or top right corner of your iPhone or iPad to launch the Control Center. Be The First To Know Register for our mailing list to get the latest Bluesound news, exclusive online offers, and promotions, and stay up to date with the latest BluOS software and apps.

Here's what you'll get for signing up to our newsletter: Exclusive news on updates, product reviews, promotions and events. Email notifications for the latest BluOS software and app upgrades. Helpful setup tips for making the most of your music experience.By this I mean not casting from Apple devices using wired Bluetooth or other external means but by logging into Apple Music from my Bluesound devices as I could another Music service like Spotify Deezer etc.

And indeed as it is possible from Sonos kit.

What Music Services does BluOS Support?

There are several threads where this is discussed and some of your answers indicate that this will only be possible when Apple allow and that this will most likely be when Airplay 2 is introduced. So last night I installed iOS But I get despondent that it won't natively support Apple Music, I already had an investment with Apple Music when I bought the Bluesound kit, but was re-assured by the message in several threads on this site from Bluesound that as a Premier Airplay2 Apple partner, Airplay2 would allow Bluesound to integrate natively with Apple Music.

Its here now, Airplay2, at least thats what Apple lead us to believeand no Native integration. Does Bluesound need to catch up with Apple or is this release of iOS in some way incomplete regarding Airplay2 and Apple,e need to do more work? How is it possible that Sonos can already natively integrate with Apple Music, and if they can why can't Bluesound? I am sure many of your customers, and potential customershave the same concerns, and probably you yourselves are fed up with people like me badgering you about this subject.

Unfortunately this is the case and we would love to share more if we could. Thanks for your continued patience Could not agree more with this. Seriously, Bluesound, you're a decent-sized outfit.

It's a huge gap. I've had Tidal for a while but ended up paying two streaming services as my wife and kids are using Apple Music in the family subscription. Probalby we need not to express our needs at Bluesound. We also must express it at Apple. I have already done so multiple times So I stumbled upon this thread, then noticed you have Airplay 2 support Please tell me this is not the case and it's available for original players too?

Thanks for asking. Apple AirPlay 2 does require a specific hardware authentication chip set to work. This chip set is not included in our previous product line up but is part of our New Gen 2i line.

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I take it the answer is no or we'd have heard about that. With Airplay 2 on Node 2i, does this mean the Node 2i can stream music to the Apple ecosystem, like to an Airport Express with connected speakers, as well as BlueSound speakers? Or does it just mean Node 2i can be used as one endpoint that an Apple device using Airplay 2 can stream to along with other Airplay 2-compatible streaming endpoints like an Airport Express? Sorry for the confusion.At BluOS, we are an alliance of audiophiles with the mission to create an innovative wireless software platform for digital audio products and technologies that allow for the most true-to-life music experience possible.

We want everyone to be able to listen to their favorite music using BluOS, in the audio format that they prefer. Here is a current list of our continuously expanding music partners:. Please note not all services are available in all geographic regions due to copyright laws and licensing agreements. Please check various services for availability in your area or region. If your desired service is not available, you can always stream it using a Bluetooth connection from your phone or tablet.

What is a Remote Service Error? Why did only some of the songs from my Saved Playlist play? See more BLS-KBY01 At BluOS, we are an alliance of audiophiles with the mission to create an innovative wireless software platform for digital audio products and technologies that allow for the most true-to-life music experience possible.BluOS is a wireless ecosystem that uses a home network to connect more than one enabled device and play your music in perfect sync, or different music simultaneously, anywhere in the house.

With a host of features to its name, BluOS gives you complete control of how and where you listen to your music. Add BluOS to any existing stereo system or put wireless speakers wherever you want in the house, and use the app to setup and connect devices together on your WiFi network.

Without cords running everywhere or ever accessing a computer. Many popular music streaming services and internet radio apps are built right into BluOS, giving you an all-access pass to millions of songs and the freedom to listen to everything you want to hear. Easily connect and share your music collection from a computer or network-attached storage drive and access hundreds of thousands of tracks for streaming.

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Plus listen to music stored on your phone or tablet using high-quality Bluetooth. Play a different song at the same time in different rooms, or group all your BluOS Enabled devices together and listen to your favourite music in perfect sync throughout your home. BluOS enabled speakers can also be stereo paired together for immersive, full-width sound.

BluOS works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri so you can ask to play a track, pause or skip a song, and even say which room you want to listen to music in.

A quick and easy to way control your music, together BluOS and the most popular voice assistants bring you a whole new way to experience music throughout the home. Control your music and adjust the volume in any room, get rich album artwork and detailed artist info, right from the Now Playing screen. Even check what quality you are streaming at to ensure the best possible listening experience. With all BluOS enabled products, you can instantly discover and enjoy millions of songs from your existing music services, tune in to your favorite internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world, or access and listen to the music collections stored on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on any and every Player in your home.

Simply tap the music you want to hear in the BluOS app, anywhere in the home, and let any BluOS enabled product be the heart of your listening experience. All BluOS Ready devices have a modular design, which allows you to add a BluOS card with a USB input and connect an upgrade kit and unlock your system for wireless hi-res music streaming.

AirPlay 2 and Siri

BluOS features seamless integrations with some of the most innovative smarthome controls in the market today. New casting technology offers BluOS users additional ways to control music on connected devices directly…. Unique fan-focused service comes to BluOS enabled products via previously announced adaptive streaming protocol. Live concert recordings from nugs.

User experience improvements, new Radio Paradise stations, and support for various hardware features among the…. BluOS ecosystem continues its expansion as premium international audio brands choose this best-in-class option…. New BluOS software broadens hi-res streaming options for customers in key markets in Asia.

Stream and enjoy millions of songs, wirelessly throughout the home, with Amazon Music seamlessly integrated…. BluOS will provide a hi-res audio solution and advanced multi-room music capabilities for Core Brand's…. BluOS ecosystem expands to bring greater flexibility to modern music lovers. How Does it Work? Simple Setup Add BluOS to any existing stereo system or put wireless speakers wherever you want in the house, and use the app to setup and connect devices together on your WiFi network.Apple's third-party integration model is AirPlay 2.

They have no plans to develop an API for products such as Bluesound. Hi Tony In the meantime, however, something has changed at Apple in this matter. Nothing has changed. The documentation you are reviewing is not for playback. Apple is only moving forward with an endpoint solution at this time. Thanks for your patience.

does bluos support apple music

I am considering replacing my old Sonos Connect with a Node 2i. Seems to have plenty to love with the Node. However, I don't understand why you state that it is not possible to support Apple Music Playback directly on the Node.

It is possible on the Sonos. I find it practical to search for music and have the results of my Library and from apple music directly in the app. Apple has chosen to use the Apple AirPlay model for supporting their service. Was that possible maybe in the past when these two services launched, and now is no longer allowed by Apple? I cannot speak for other companies and other organisations other than to suggest your receiver may already have contained the necessary hardware authorisation requirements of Apple which we had to include in the 2i line up.

Tony, I understand that you can't speak for other companies, but Sonos is just streaming Apple Music directly into their speakers. I don't suppose they do this via an illegal way, they are way too big for that, moreover, Apple explains it even on their support website how to add Apple Music to a Sonos device So why not BlueSound?

For me this is a real deal breaker. I don't want an iPad streaming music via AirPlay to each speaker. Judging by the signal chain, and disregarding the playback gear amp and speakershow would you compare the audio quality of listening to Apple Music through an Apple TV, which doesn't rely on AirPlay, versus listening to Apple Music that is sent to the Node 2i by AirPlay?

I am evaluating whether to rely on using AirPlay 2 with the Node 2i to listen to streaming music through an NAD amp and would appreciate it if you might explain a little how this works.

I hope you can answer my questions. Thanks in advance.


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does bluos support apple music

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