Hpi venture body post

Exclusive Content. With a high bar set by the established Traxxas, Vaterra, RC4WD, and Axial models, the Venture needs to be a substantially well-engineered machine to compete—and it sure looks to be.

Does the Venture FJ set itself apart from the comp when the rubber hits the off-road? Like the other top trucks, the Venture gets a chassis-mounted servo and Panhard bar up front, with a pair of plastic lower links for a 3-link setup. This design allows for a single pivot point at the chassis, which improves axle flex.

The transmission stacks its gears vertically, which allows a dogbone to take a straight shot to the compact transfer case. Where every other trail truck hangs its linkages in front of the axle, the Venture tucks them behind it. The steering bits offer plenty of throw, and despite have dogbones and drive cups instead of CV joints, the truck puts down power smoothly, even at full throw.

Nothing out of the ordinary here—just tried-and-true shock design with dual caps on a threaded-aluminum body in a scalelike diameter. Each shock wears a pair of springs: one short and soft for small-bump compliance, and one longer and stiffer for big hits. A nice styling touch is that the upper caps thread into the body rather than over it, for a more realistic look. Their rail spacing is wide in the center and narrows at the bumpers when viewed from aboveand the chassis can accommodate wheelbase settings from HPI also took pains to make the Venture easy to work on; remove just five screws and disconnect the steering link and all the electronics can be removed as a unit along with the motor and transmission.

In addition to looking nicer, the TF has a foam-gripped, drop-wheel configuration, and adjustable endpoints on both channels. The radio is matched up with a RFWP receiver that is waterproof by itself without need for an enclosure—but the Venture has one anyway, which is redundant but nice if you swap out the radio gear and have a nonwaterproof receiver.

hpi venture body post

Nice touch. The Venture rolled up to the 9. And the flex-factor? Using our degree articulation ramp and the standard Ramp Travel Index formula, the Venture postedwhich is about average for trail trucks. How did the Venture FJ come to be? RC Car Action: The trail-truck scene already had established heavy hitters before the Venture debuted.

Thad Garner: A lot has changed in the crawling segment since the original design of the Venture began; however, the Venture still holds its own in the category. I created a chassis that is straightforward, reliable, easy to work on, and a great base for customization. There were quite a few objectives for the Venture. Drivetrain priorities included keeping the motor and gearbox mounted as far forward and low in the chassis as possible and keeping the transfer case compact.

I also spent a lot of time on the steering system to incorporate a chassis-mounted servo and behind-the-axle [steering]. If I had to pick one, it would be the behind-the-axle steering. After competing in the Recon G6 Fix Enduro recently, I must say I really enjoyed not using my steering link as a bumper.

My servo also thanked me. The truck debuted as an RTR. Will we see a kit or roller? We are working on a kit version.Exclusive Content.

No official details yet, but we can see HPI went for a front-motor, chassis-mounted servo setup, and the front suspension gets a Panhard bar instead of triangulated upper links. The rear end is 4-link, with telescoping CV-joint driveshafts.

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We like the well-supported rear body mounts and threaded shocks aluminum? Metallic-colored plastic? Your email address will not be published.

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HPI Racing

Have questions about Crunchbase Data for Developers? Contact our data support team. Documentation Crunchbase Data. Other collections Entity. Other collections Search. Autocomplete API Autocomplete search.

Retrieve deleted entities for a collection. Updated 9 months ago. What's new in API v4. Using the API. Data Access Terms. License Agreement.Besides taking over the world with their Venture FJ, they are announcing loads of other new trucks.

Last year we got a chance to test their Jumpshot MT, which we found to be a great basher. For HPI is announcing a new [ Read More The Vaughn Gittin Savage has a part number of and you can [ The Formula is like other vehicles in the Q32 family, they are palm sized cars that can be raced just about anywhere.

Some of the [ And better still, both are part of a collaboration with Kraken RC. The Sidewinder comes out of the box [ With hardcore street attitude inspired by Ken Block and Monster Energy, the Hoonicorn Ford Mustang should give people whiplash when you break it out at your next backyard bash.

The Venture FJ has some nice attention to detail under its hood with a metal frame and hidden servo design. We will be posting full details soon, until then study these pictures closely as HPI looks to have a serious contender in the [ Emails and phone calls have been pouring in.

The Joint Administrators act as agent of the company without personal liability. Also featured are HRE Tech 7 wheels which are skillfully reproduced to add even more scale realism. The Sport [ The emails have been pouring in over the last few days with people guessing who was behind the Venture FJ vehicle, and I have to say it was entertaining.

I believe only one person actually guessed HPI. Venture is a new platform, designed from the ground up from HPI Racing. Unique, radical, and extreme are just some of the words that have been used to describe the new D 2wd race buggy from HB. Designed for extreme durability as well as top notch handling, the D sports features like triangulated shocks towers, 12mm V2 big bore shocks, triple slipper clutch, and adjustable 2 piece caster blocks.

First up is a Speed Chassis Conversion. The chassis conversion is made from high quality carbon fiber and promises to shave weight while optimizing weight distribution.This is the Replacement Traxxas Body Clips. They can be used on Traxxas or many other brands of cars Use with 17mm Splined Wheel Hubs and Nuts.

The Talon's unique tread pattern pattern and soft compound rubber delivers excellent grip on a variety of surfaces from pavement to off-road. The outside diameter is the same as a stock Two 2 45mm Drive Shafts Part Two 2 This is the replacement stub axle pins.

These pins slide through the axle and hold the wheel to the axle This is a Hex Wheel Hub Set. These parts have more offset than some stock hex wheel hub sets Only 2 left in stock — Order soon. These body washers adhere to the inside of the body over the body mount holes and cushions the body from vibration Only 3 left in stock — Order soon.

hpi venture body post

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HPI Racing Body Post Set FJ HPI116856

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HPI RC Venture FJ Cruiser 2.2 Expedition RTR

Bandit VXL. Bandit XL Bullet 3.Loaded with scale features, a custom-painted FJ Cruiser will bring a whole new look to your next trail run! With a clear body to start with, you have an open canvas to make your own FJ Cruiser - whether it's to match your full-size FJ Cruiser or make your dream trail truck!

Like all HPI bodies, the FJ Cruiser comes with a clear protective overspray film, easy to use vinyl window masks and a large pre-cut decal sheet.

The huge vinyl pre-cut decal sheet comes with all of the official Toyota and FJ Cruiser logos, headlights, tail lights, turn signals and more, plus a complete set of tinted windows, grilles, vents and more! Also included with the body set is the complete set of plastic detail parts including the replica roof rack and side mirrors!

All the necessary hardware is included, from the o-rings and body clips for the roof rack to the screws for the side mirrors and tire mount. For easy mounting, the body also has drill locations marked for the HPI Venture scale crawler chassis, making it very easy to line up the body mount holes or use your own alternate body mounting methods.

hpi venture body post

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Upgrades and Hop-ups for the HPI Venture FJ Cruiser

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Only 1 left in stock — Order soon. Only 3 left in stock — Order soon. Two 2 45mm Drive Shafts Part Two 2 BWD, 0. Plazma 7. No term warranty provided by Dollar Only 4 left in stock — Order soon. Only 5 left in stock — Order soon. No liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damages, losses, or costs resulting from the use of RFWP 2.

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