Katrina 10 years later

When New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu visited with the Houston Chronicle editorial board last week, he spoke not only of the city's recent past and recovery but also its future - the Crescent City's th anniversary is only three years away.

When those future Houstonians celebrate our own tricentennial - more than a century down the road - we hope they can look back at their city's performance during the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and say that, throughout our long and storied history, it was one of our finest hours. From focused leaders to heartfelt volunteers, our city showed the world the best we had to offer when we opened our arms to thefellow Americans who had to flee their homes in the face of a disaster both natural and political.

The hurricane struck, levees fell, and governments local, state and federal failed to perform their duties to keep people safe. Yet within the Astrodome, George R. Brown Convention Center and all manner of shelter, leaders such as Mayor Bill White and County Judge Robert Eckles faced an unforeseeable challenge with a striking competence and teamwork that was sadly missing in the stormstruck cities that needed help the most.

With tragedy at our doorstep, the most diverse city in the United States rose to the occasion with a sense of unity that reflects what it truly means to be American.

katrina 10 years later

Landrieu has adopted a similar philosophy of political transcendence in his own management of a recovering New Orleans. Whatever the answer is that works, that's what we're going to do. Big Easy boosters have no shortage of statistics to prove that these ideas have successfully powered a recovery-turned-renaissance.

There's little doubt that New Orleans is back in many ways. But all too many problems that existed before Katrina still consume the city, and have been exacerbated by an uneven recovery. Poverty, disparity and crime have yet to be solved by a growing movie industry or booming development.

People who once fled New Orleans now return by the thousands, and the city is actually growing for the first time in decades. Here in Houston, however, plenty of once-temporary residents have become permanent citizens of our city.

katrina 10 years later

They looked at their old lives in Louisiana, and new lives here, and decided they were better off in Texas. Houston is certainly better off for them staying. Over the past week the Chronicle has run several short profiles of these new Houstonians.

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The series described a fresh injection of talent that's bolstered our city economically, intellectually, culturally - and, yes, culinarily. We're learning an awful lot from that New Orleans influence - parades, parties, music and an appreciation for creole food.

But the lesson of New Orleans' political failure goes ignored. As a coastal city lacking adequate storm protection, we may someday soon need help as desperately as our Louisianan neighbors. The problem is predictable, solutions are available, and yet Houston has made little progress on storm surge protection. Ten years have passed since Houston witnessed the destructive potential of a worst-case scenario, and we're still making the same mistakes that we saw in New Orleans.

That fact has become plainly obvious. The petroleum industry that lines Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel blesses our nation with an economic and national security that's the envy of the world.Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Article Display. Where there were once hopes and dreams, Katrina left devastation and destruction.

But through the wreckage of it all, the survivors persevered. Herc parade. Back in action! Amikam Norkin. Don't miss your chance to be…. The MDNG has been activated to m…. Fighting cyber crimes. RT SecDef : Our Armed Forces are at their best when they represent the talents of our entire population, regardless of gender identity.

Charles Q. Brown Jr. Preserving the training pipeline! The newest Air Force Podcast recently dropped. Listen to a small snippet of CMSA Wright talk with Staff Sgt. New about resiliency. Our mantra, "Always ready! Need some motivation to get your week started off right? Wright weighs in The U. Air Force Academy gives its cadets some unique opportunities. Ride alon Ride along one of this opportunities. Central Command operations deter adversaries and demonstrate support for allies and partners in the region.

Video by Staff Sgt. Daniel Snider. Although the Silver Star is the third-highest military medal, it's not given oft Department of Defense DoD. Tune in as our Air Force musicians along with other military musicians are award Tune in as our Air Force musicians along with other military musicians are awarded the National Medal of Arts.Angela Trahan: On a personal level for me, the positive change was that I realized I needed to go back to school.

Because although everything was destroyed, it was a lot easier for the people who did have money to come back and rebuild, and to get their homes back the way they were.

I remember when it all happened, everybody was on the same level. The nurses and the doctors that I worked with at the hospital were around town trying to get ice and food and everything for their families, just like we were. At the same time, maybe a month or two later they were in better standings than a lot of people in my community. It really made me realize that I need to build a nest egg, in the bank—for me, for my children, for my family.

Brother Ronald Hingle: One of the things that touched me is the resiliency of the people. That was one of the things that really kind of inspired us [at St. Stanislaus] to get going with our recovery. Because that was their normal, being with their friends and their school family.

Katrina: 10 years later

I think 10 years later we have reached a new normal, not only in the community but our school as well. Shelton Alexander: The positive changes we made, they were all great. Everybody came back, everybody was pulling together.

When we all was living in FEMA trailers nobody was richer than anybody. Everything was wiped out, everything was pretty much damaged and destroyed, and so everybody was back on the same level. That was a great thing. It reminded me why I need to be here.

John Keller: I do see a lot of change. Katrina affected a lot of people. I see a lot of change, I see a lot of gentrification. But the positive change is I do see a lot of businesses coming here.

katrina 10 years later

But to me the biggest change was the city of New Orleans itself. They were proud of being from that city, they were proud of the city itself, they loved their city, and before Katrina I never saw that.

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Have you seen that happen gradually? Or was it there immediately after the storm? Nettles: I think it was more of a gradual process. I think everyone, all the way from the people selling things on the side of the road to the major businessmen, had to rebuild, had to help redevelop the city. Hingle: Oh absolutely, people are extremely proud of being from the Gulf Coast, and very proud of their recovery after the storm. I think to be honest our city, Bay St. Louis, and much of the Gulf Coast is much better than even before the storm.

People are a little bit more appreciative of each other. Why was it important to you to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after the storm? It showed my children that in the midst of something bad, you can also have something good come out of it, because as bad as Hurricane Katrina was, there are some great things that did come out of it. You can pick up and move and rebuild a house, but home is not just a house, or a block, or even a neighborhood.More than 1 million more in the Gulf region were displaced.

And New Orleans itself has worked to rebuild. But problems persist. According to the New Orleans Data Centerracial disparities in income and employment are more pronounced in the city than they are nationally; the poverty rate is 11 points higher than the national average; and the incarceration rate is approximately three times the national average. In the first few hours after Katrina hit, many people believed that New Orleans had dodged a bullet. Ultimately, more than soldiers would be trapped inside their own headquarters.

They lost power.

Katrina, 10 Years Later: Three Documentaries to Watch

Their back-up generators flooded. Their communications center was useless. They lost 15 high-water trucks with mobile communications packages. The film — a raw and gripping investigation of the Katrina response, its tragic consequences and its political ramifications — includes candid interviews with key Katrina decision-makers, including the first televised interview with former FEMA Director Michael Brown since his resignation two weeks after Katrina hit.

Watch it: For a powerful story of resilience and determination in the face of tragedy. Years later, much of the money committed to New Orleans residents had yet to reach them. But one man — thenyear-old Herbert Gettridge — was determined to rebuild the house he had built more than 50 years earlier in the Lower Ninth Ward, with or without government support.

His goal: To make it possible for his wife of 65 years, Lydia — who had gone to live with one of their nine children in Wisconsin after Katrina — to return home.

Henry Glover was last seen alive in the backseat of a white Chevy Malibu on Sept. He had been shot by a rookie police officer while walking through the parking lot of a run-down strip mall, and his brother had brought Glover — who was curled up and bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest — to a temporary SWAT compound seeking medical attention.

Instead, officers at the compound arrested Glover. Later, his charred remains were discovered on the banks of the Mississippi River, inside a car that had apparently been set on fire. In one notorious incident known as the Danziger Bridge case, police opened fire on a group of civilians, who were later found to be unarmed and searching for food and medicine.Nation Aug Chase saw her business, home and virtually everything she owned wash away, but…. Hurricane Katrina displaced hundreds of thousands of residents of New Orleans and many never returned.

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For the past decade, filmmaker Rennik Soholt has followed the lives of several families who fled. Now, hear the personal stories of two former New…. The fact that many people died in the floods because they wouldn't leave their animals behind -- as well as the sight of hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs after the flood waters receded -- prompted major changes to state…. Hurricane Katrina scattered thousands of Gulf Coast children nationwide.

A decade later, are children in foster care safer in the event of a disaster? Aug As members of the neighborhood slowly return, Rev. Charles Duplessis leads church services and bible study in his own living room,…. Continue watching. Ten years ago, New Orleans public schools were headed for academic rock bottom. And then Hurricane Katrina came, a disaster so devastating that it offered the rare opportunity to start over. Charter schools, empowered to take over, have raised test…. Continue reading.

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World Agents for Change. Health Long-Term Care. For Teachers. About Feedback Funders Support Jobs.On Aug. At least 1, people were killed andforced to leave their homes—permanently for some. The Superdome was the epicenter of the calamity that was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

With no power or running water, it was a dark and rancid place to be. Many chose to gather outside the ravaged stadium rather than endure the smell and spookiness inside.

Instead of sending buses to remove people from the city the day after the storm, the government sent in the National Guard and unneeded SWAT teams from around the country. People like Quintella Williams and her then nine-day-old baby girl, Akea, shown here, and tens of thousands of others, were essentially left to fend for themselves for days because of the failure of the government to properly respond to the disaster.

Milvertha Hendricks, wrapped in an American flag blanket, was 84 years old when she spent almost a week on the sidewalk in New Orleans, along with thousands of other people huddled near the Convention Center in the scorching heat after Hurricane Katrina.

Police officers killed a man trying to flag them down for help virtually in front of her, and there was little food or water until the day before she was finally evacuated on September 4, She looked weak and exhausted when I saw her the morning before, so I took only two photographs, because I did not want to be any more intrusive than necessary.

Her ordeal brought home to me how terribly the disaster response had failed, because it is hard to imagine any scenario in which the safety of the most vulnerable — the very old, the very young, and the ill — would not be paramount.

I had flown to Baton Rouge and rented a car and driven into New Orleans having no more problems doing so than I would have at any other time.

katrina 10 years later

If it had been that easy for me, a civilian photojournalist, why had it been so impossible for the combined search and rescue efforts of the government and the military to bring succor to Ms.

Hendricks and all of the other people most at risk? As we know, many died needlessly at the hospitals, at St.

Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later

When I look at my photograph here, I think about my own mother and grandmother, who survived civil war, Japanese invasion, and revolution when they were young women in China. They emigrated to the U. Hendricks was denied this fundamental part of the American dream as an elderly lady.

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A year later, Eric Gay of the Associated Press, who had also photographed her several days before I did, when she was in better shape, located her living with her son in Houston, Texas. She declined to be re-photographed or to grant any interviews other than to say that she had no recollection of the time she had spent in those awful conditions.

I hope that I documented her plight with dignity and compassion, and that she was able to recover a normal life. I was in the neighborhood documenting the destruction that remained years after the storm.If it was a negative review, this is a great opportunity to find out how your business can improve, he added.

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