Practice sql online for interview

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practice sql online for interview

The most fun, but also the most feared, part of the process is the technical screening. The simpler but less common way is that you get a computer, a data set and a task. While you are solving the task, the interviewers are watching and asking questions. A little trial and error is totally fine, as long as you can come up with the correct solution in a reasonable amount of time. The other, more difficult and by the way much more common way is the whiteboard interview. You have to solve the task and sketch up the code on a whiteboard.

Of course, you can still solve the tasks by thinking iteratively cracking the different SQL problems one by onebut you have to be very confident with your SQL skills.

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Additionally, usually you have to solve the tasks on the fly. The good news is that because of that you will get relatively simpler tasks. See the difficulty level below! Note: there are other types of tech screening — like the take-home assignment — where you can prove that you can solve more complex coding challenges, too.

Try to solve all of them as if they were whiteboard interviews! You work for a startup that makes an online presentation software. You have an event log that records every time a user inserted an image into a presentation. One user can insert multiple images. Write an SQL query to find out how many users inserted more than but less than images in their presentations! Note: I personally created and used this interview question to test data analysts when I was freelancing and my clients needed help in their hiring process.

You have two SQL tables! The first one is called employees and it contains the employee names, the unique employee ids and the department names of a company.

The second one is named salaries. It holds the same employee names and the same employee ids — and the salaries for each employee. First you have to initiate the JOIN. I joined the two tables by using:. The trick in this task is that you had to use the COUNT function two times: first, you had to count the number of images per user, then the number of users who fulfill the given condition.

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The easiest way to do that is to use a subquery. Note: You can solve this task using a subquery, too — but in an interview situation the committee will like the above solution better.

SQL PRACTICE EXERCISE-Oracle Queries Practice Exercise-Sql Interview Questions

Watch out! You can always have two John Does at a company, but the employee id is unique!The question set is mostly the same between each version of the test; the differences are primarily in syntax for different DBMS, e. While peer reviewing a colleague's work, you stumble across the following SQL query, which is supposed to return how many subscriptions each of your customers has:.

In order to properly compare candidates, they need to answer questions of the same difficulty leveland different questions always mean different difficulty levels. However, the order of questions and answers is randomized for each applicant. For example, you have 5 candidates who get scores of 35, 45, 60, 65, and 80, based on a maximum possible score of The test is presented in a multiple-choice, or quiz, formatrather than requiring test takers to write code.

If we used a coding test instead, we would have to check all answers manually, which would obviously be impossible. The test can also be used to test junior programmers, but you should reduce your acceptance score drastically to compensate. Likewise, you can use it to test senior SQL developers as well, with an increased acceptance score. Some will argue that it's pointless to judge senior developers based on a test meant for mid-level developers.

This is generally true if you're looking for specific skills in a candidate rather than a broad base of expertise. But at the same time, anyone can claim to be a senior developer on their resume. If you're concerned that candidates might be overstating their knowledge and accomplishments, this SQL skills test is a good way to determine which ones can actually deliver what they promise.

Read how we create our tests Tests4Geeks is the service for IT skills assessment.

practice sql online for interview

Coding tests allow you to hire programmers more easily. Each online programming test is developed by professionals with great knowledge, experience and skills. Log In Register. The purpose of this SQL online test is not to help you find the best developers.

Its purpose is to help you avoid the worst ones. Petersburg,Russia.SQL Structured Query Language is used to manage relational database management system RDBMS and to perform various operations such as execute queries, retrieve data, edit data, and insert new data—essentially, everything that makes databases interactive and not static.

What is an SQL online test? SQL online test enables employers, hiring managers and recruiters to assess the basic SQL knowledge of applicants who can write programs, functions, and queries to manage the data and the structure of the database.

SQL online test helps you to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:. SQL online test can be customized and a more advance level question set can be added to evaluate experienced candidates. You are normalizing data in a database. You are creating a table that includes the TypeName column. Which SQL code should you use for the column definition? Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

Assessing Business English is always a challenge with simple grammar assessments and in-person interviews. We have been using the beta version of the business English proficiency test and are quite impressed with its ability to accurately evaluate the English proficiency skills using AI.

We look forward to using it for all our future hires. Start inviting candidates in the next 2 minutes Buy Now. Related Skills. View test details. SQL online test helps you to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows: Knowledge of SQL syntax and basic language elements Ability to write queries used for front-end applications and uncover useful business insights. Sample Questions.

practice sql online for interview

It is not in a normal form, and the next normal form is the first normal form. It is in first normal form, and the next normal form is the second normal form.

It is in second normal form, and the next normal form is the third normal form. It is in third normal form, and the next normal form is the fourth normal form. We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. Please read our privacy policy for more information about how we use cookies.For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

SQL Online Tests

Here is how you can enable JavaScript. Login Sign Up Forgot Password. Please enter a Username or Email ID. Please enter a password. Keep me logged in. Forgot Password? Have OTP. Please enter a valid mobile number. Please enter a valid OTP. Please enter your name. Please enter your email address. Please enter your mobile number. Please select the category. MBA Entrance. MCA Entrance. Architecture NATA. Pharma Entrance. Fashion Designing.

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CA Foundation. Gandhian Studies. General Knowledge.Display the dept information from department table. Display the details of all employees. Display the name and job for all employees. Display name and salary for all employees. Display employee number and total salary for each employee. Display employee name and annual salary for all employees. Display the names of all employees who are working in department number Display the names of all employees working as clerks and drawing a salarymore than Display employee number and names for employees who earn commission.

Display names of employees who do not earn any commission. Display the names of employees who are working as clerk, salesman or analystand drawing a salary more than Display the names of employees who are working in the company for the past 5 years. Display the list of employees who have joined the company before 30 th June 90or after 31 st dec Display current date. Display the list of users in your database using log table. Display the names of all tables from the current user. Display the name of the current user.

Display the names of employees working in department number 10 or 20 or 40 or employees working as clerks, salesman or analyst. Display the names of employees whose name starts with alphabet S. Display employee names for employees whose name ends with alphabet. Display the names of employees whose names have second alphabet A in their names. Display the names of employees whose name is exactly five characters in length.Your SQL skills were strong enough to get you that job interview!

Now, if you only knew what SQL questions and practical exercises a recruiter might ask you to do…. This article is meant as a SQL practice for interviews. In a previous article, I explained how can you boost your career by learning SQL. It opens up opportunities in and out of IT, as this query language is used practically everywhere. Before you can start, though, you need to get through the job interview.

Free Online SQL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Practice & Preparation Tests

This is why I created this SQL practice for interviews. To assess your understanding here, the recruiter will likely ask you to verbally explain some simpler questions. These are usually mainly about the elementary parts of SQL. For example, you might be asked to answer some of the following SQL whiteboard questions:. Can you answer every question from my SQL practice for interviews?

Even basic questions need good preparation and a lot of practice. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes you need to refresh your knowledge. Technical job interviews often have a practical side. They are sorted from easy to hard. Write an SQL statement that lists school names, student names, and their cities only if the school and the student are in the same city and the student is not from New York. Write an SQL statement that lists student names, subject names, subject lecturers, and the max amount of points for all subjects except Computer Science and any subjects with a max score between and Write a query that shows the highest salary in each department.

Write a query that displays the average age of workers in each company. But what about a more advanced job, like SQL developer or database administrator?

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Recruiters will be interested in more than just your SQL knowledge; they will also need to know how savvy you are with databases in general. In that case, see how well you can verbally answer SQL whiteboard questions like these:.

Again, even if you know the answers to these questions, it pays to practice them. You may even want to practice answering them out loud! So you see, SQL whiteboard questions and exercises are not as scary as you think.

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The most important thing is showing the recruiter that you understand how SQL works and that you can, if needed, find help on the Internet. Either way, I hope that this article has given you a substantial portion of SQL practice for interviews and helped you learn what to expect and how to prepare for an SQL-related job interview when you get one! Articles Cookbook. Now, if you only knew what SQL questions and practical exercises a recruiter might ask you to do… This article is meant as a SQL practice for interviews.The following SQL practice exercises were actually taken from real interview tests with Google and Amazon.

Once again, we highly recommended that you try finding the answers to these SQL practice exercises on your own before reading the given solutions. The practice problems are based on the tables presented below. Write a SQL statement to insert rows into a table called highAchiever Name, Agewhere a salesperson must have a salary ofor greater to be included in the table. This is a good question to get some practice with SQL joins, so see if you can come up with the solution.

Now, what tables should we use for the join? We know that the customer ID of Samsonic is 4, so we can use that information and do a simple join with the salesperson and customer tables. The SQL would look like this:. We can also use subqueries a query within a query to come up with another possible answer.

Here is an alternative, but less efficient, solution using a subquery:.

practice sql online for interview

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Follow programmerintvw. Name from Salesperson, Orders where Salesperson. Name from Salesperson where Salesperson.

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